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Musical-educational performance “The Flight of the Trumpet“


The hugely popular musical performance The City of the Trumpet has grown wings and turns into The Flight of the Trumpet! Unlike the first performance, which introduced young audiences to musical instruments, this one presents a diverse and rich variety of music and cultures from around the world. Together with actor Andrius Bialobžeskis and conductor Karolis Variakojis, we will take a plane trip around the world. We will hear the music of various countries, reach cold Antarctica and even the Moon! We will search for where the wind, our dreams and thoughts live, and when we return home we will realise how wonderful our homeland is. The residents of The City of the Trumpet are taking wing and embarking on a new journey!

Directed and written by Birutė Mar

Artist Indrė Pačėsaitė

Lighting designer Rimas Petrauskas

Video projections Karolis Bratkauskas

Pilots Andrius Bialobžeskis, Karolis Variakojis

Passengers Orchestra

Conductor Karolis Variakojis

For all booking enquiries please contact us via email roma.buziene@lspo.lt or telephone +370 686 30727.