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What do music and maths have in common? Can music be counted, can numbers dance and sing? In this new, lively, and witty musical performance by the Lithuanian Symphonic Wind Orchestra for the whole family, the audience will be able to join in with this unexpected story where the music will be taught by Madam Nulštein! Together with the orchestra, Einstein will use sounds to solve mathematical-musical equations and answer difficult questions. Had it not been for mathematics, would we be living in caves like primitive humans? What would happen if there were no numbers? Madam Nulštein too has questions, but no one can answer them. After all, the world is not only about clarity, but also about mystery. The creative team of the performance are playwright Daiva Čepauskaitė, stage director Birutė Mar, designer Artūras Šimonis, conductor Tadas Šileika, actress Vitalija Mockevičiūtė, Musical Director Antanas Kučinskas, and of course, the wonderful Lithuanian Symphonic Wind Orchestra.

The performance features H. Mancini, D. Brubeck, Pink Floyd and others. music by the authors

Tickets: https://kakava.lt/renginys/muzikinis-spektaklis-skambantys-skaiciai-lspo/8374/15402


Vilnius, Lithuania ·

Lithuanian Symphonic Wind Orchestra T. Ševčenkos str. 19A
Vilnius, 03115
· 12:00

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