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Cinematoria Cali-Gari

This project is a new experiment combining orchestral music, cinema, academic and popular, acoustic and electroacoustic music. This form presents a new soundtrack and stage setting for a most important, classical silent film of German Expressionism, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, made 100 years ago.

Considered a masterpiece of psychological horror, the film takes the viewer into the subconscious of a man with an unstable psyche and explores themes of human manipulation and blind abedience. According to film critic Siegfried Kracauer, the character of Caligari symbolised unlimited power directed against human rights and values. These themes are reinterpreted and made relevant in the partly fixed, partly improvised music of composer Algirdas Martinaitis, winner of the National Prize, and electronic musician Leonas Somovas. The concert is enriched by theatrical stage action that blurs the boundaries of film and reality.