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The objective of the innovative Vilnius Winds Festival, is to present the latest trends in wind music, and to be open to new forms of sound. Appealing to a diversity of styles and genres – classical, contemporary experimental, rock or jazz fusion – continues to be the festival’s principal direction. What can we expect this year? Two collectives from abroad will showcase the pulse of current trends in wind culture. For this year’s overture, we have chosen a combination of orchestra and solo trumpet – guests from Linköping (Sweden), the “Östgöta Blåsarsymfoniker”, and trumpet virtuoso Tine Thing Helseth (Norway). We will also hear the critically acclaimed Swedish ensemble Stockholm Chamber Brass, considered to be one of the most sought-after brass quintets in the world. In addition to the Scandinavian guests, there will be more focus on chamber ensembles. The Lithuanian Symphonic Wind Orchestra’s Chamber Ensemble have prepared a collage programme of the alternative American rock classic, Frank Zappa and other avant-garde composers who inspired him. It is presented by one of the most promising interpreters of contemporary music in Lithuania, the orchestra’s chief conductor Karolis Variakojis. And the artistic director of the orchestra, Leif Karlsson, together with the percussion ensemble, Giunter Percussion, invite you on an intriguing expedition in sound, accompanied by new and unexpected percussion and wind sonorities. We warmly welcome you to dive into this fresh ocean of wind music, which will engulf various spaces of Vilnius and delight listeners for the entire month!