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Vilnius Winds | Grab it, Mozart!

Wednesday, 28 September at 19:00

Cultural bar “Kablys” (Kauno g. 5, Vilnius)


Lithuanian Symphony Wind Orchestra

Artistic Director and Chief Conductor: Leif Karlsson



Gran Partita (Serenade No. 10) – W. A. Mozart

Grab It! – Jacob ter Veldhuis (Jacob TV)


This project is a new experiment combining classical and rap music. Naturally, one might ask, how can these two styles fit together? In order to dust off the classical repertoire that has become almost museum culture, it is worth recalling Mozart’s playful personality and his often provocative manner, which could even have been considered avant-garde in the rococo era. Although the juxtaposition of the classics with contemporary rap music seems unusual in the first instance, there is a certain zeitgeist that connects even distant styles, and the music engages in a playful flirtation, sounding fresh and new. This impression is reinforced by the venue—the music club “Kablys”. Alongside Mozart’s music, the audience will hear a version of Grab It! for wind ensemble by contemporary composer Jacob ter Veldhuis. This is a very different piece, reflecting the themes of aggression and imprisonment. It uses sound recordings of prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment, to draw a parallel between the artist’s suffering and his desire to live.