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Musical performance “The Flight of a Trumpet”

Saturday, 17 December at 18:00

Alytus Culture Centre (Pramonės str. 1B, Alytus)

The musical fairy-tale “The Flight of a Trumpet” introduces children to music of the world. The auditorium will become an airplane and the audience – the passengers.

“With this play we want to show how colourful and versatile the palette of music of the world is, – says director B. Mar. – Even before the play starts, the audience feels as if they are boarding a plane. Tickets are checked, there are flight attendants at the door, and the signs at the entrance say “Trimitas Airlines”. As the audience gathers, audio recordings similar to those played at airports can be heard: “Attention, attention, passenger XXX….  flying Trimitas airlines to Madagascar, please go immediately to Gate 18” and the like.”

The musical plane of “Trimitas” airlines and the audience embark on an unusual flight around the Earth. Together with the aircraft pilots Rainar and Vizar and flight attendants Madam Lufthansia and Finnairia, the Mademoiselles Alitalia and Maleisia, they travel to the continents and countries of the world, learn the music of different countries, reach remote Antarctica and even the Moon. After their search for the place where the wind, dreams and thoughts live, the travellers return to the Earth and understand how wonderful our native land is.

Scriptwriter and director – Birutė Mar
Artistic director – Indrė Pačėsaitė
Video by – Karolis Bratkauskas
Pilots – Aleksas Kazamavičius and Tadas Šileika
Passengers – orchestra and the audience

Tickets: https://kakava.lt/en/event/muzikinis-spektaklis-visai-seimai-trimito-skrydis-lspo/4259/8177